Cessation of Visitors – COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family

Overnight the federal government moved to further restrict Australians movement to hamper the spread of the CORVID-19 pandemic. This now joins state governments closing borders for intrastate travel.

With confirmation that there are now positive cases in the New England region, the difficult decision has been made to cease ALL visitors to both the Alkira and Apex Road facilities. This suspension of visitors will come into effect today, 25 March 2020. Exceptions will be made on compassionate grounds.

This has been a difficult decision; however, it was one that was necessary to keep your loved ones as safe as possible while Australia rides out this unprecedented situation. Mackellar Care is following the lead of other aged care providers around the country.

At time of this letter, there have been no further recorded cases of COVID-19 detected in an aged care facility nationally, thus we need to take all precautionary measures to keep it that way.

Mackellar Care continues to follow advice from the state and federal bodies and medical professionals and has implemented a robust infection control policy for all its staff.

I understand the emotional strain this may cause and ask for your understanding in this decision. To assist with ongoing communication, Mackellar has set up the ability to Skype your family/friend. To do this, please advise through the following email your Skype details, info@mackellarcare.org.au.

As further advice or changes come to hand, I will advise all family friends. I ask that you all safe and healthy and respect your communities.

Should you require further information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the Commonwealth Department of Health website:


Yours sincerely,

Wayne Snelson
Chief Executive Officer

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